Welcome to Orchard!

It pleases me that the major topic our home groups, our discipleship groups and our leadership board has been discussing at length is our desire for community. We can't stop dreaming about it! Our desire for a sense of belonging, intimacy and a unified effort towards blessing others in Christ is something we've taken seriously at Orchard Valley. Given how busy and isolated our lives have become, this is something we MUST do.

This topic of building community will be on my mind as I enter into a time of study leave and sabbatical during these next two months. During this time, OVCC will hear from various speakers how God has challenged and blessed them to inspire us to pursue the One who can satisfy our deepest thirst.  

We'd love to see you this Spring! If you have any questions, please don't hesitant to email me at curt@orchardvalley.org or our church staff at staff@orchardvalley.org or call (408) 634-6822.

Care to join me for some lemonade?

—Pastor Curt