Welcome to Orchard!

The Fall season is here and I LOVE this time of year! Everyone's back from vacation. The weather cools down. The new school year begins and our kids are hauling backpacks again. Do you remember September as a student? Fall is a time to respond to the challenge of new course material. A time to embrace discipline. A time for our minds to be stretched. A time to be engaged and focused on our objective.


As Christians, we know we're to maintain the posture of a student if we're to keep growing in life. Yet the challenges of life seem far more daunting then they were in our youth. In our heart of hearts, we still long to grow. We even seek to heal in areas that keep troubling us. But where do we begin?    


As we launch our Fall season at OVCC, we want to invite you to join us as we embark in a daring study of the Apostle Paul's letter called "Romans," a letter he wrote to instruct young believers in the basics of the Christian faith. As we learn how to apply the timeless truths of Romans, lives all around us can change in ways we've never imagined. That's good news!   


So welcome you to join us this year! If you have any questions, please don't hesitant to email me at curt@orchardvalley.org or our church staff at staff@orchardvalley.org. Or you can simply call (408) 634-6822.


Let's be study-buddies! :)


—Pastor Curt